Special Seminars

People listening to the Cohn lecture

We host numerous speakers throughout the year for special seminars who present about topics related to aging and nutrition. These speakers include researchers, and other professionals with expertise on a wide array of topics related to healthy aging and advancing research within it. The lectures are open to members of the public interested in learning about current topics in aging and nutrition. Registration is required for these Special Seminars which are currently held online.

Recent Special Seminars

Natan Basisty, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar, Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Proteomic Solutions to Aging Problems: From Basic Biology to Clinical Applications
Dec. 15, 2020
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Thomas Biederer, PhD
Associate Professor, Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Neurology
Synaptic connectivity in the brain and the impact of dietary micronutrients
Dec. 8, 2020
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Eloy Bejarano Fernandez, PhD
Scientist III, Nutrition & Vision Research Team, HNRCA
Autophagy and intercellular communication in aging and age-related diseases
June 3, 2020
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