Monday Seminar Series

Cohn lecture.

Each Monday at 12 noon ET, a prominent research scientist working on topics related to aging and nutrition presents their latest research through the HNRCA Monday Seminar Series. The virtual lecture series is designed to bring researchers, faculty, and students together for learning and lively discussion. The lectures are open to members of the public interested in learning about current research topics taking place related to aging and nutrition. Registration is required.

Watch recordings of past HNRCA Monday Seminars on our YouTube channel here.

HNRCA Monday Seminar Series: Spring 2023

All sessions will be held via Zoom at noon. 

Date: January 23rd
Speaker: Sarah Berry, Ph.D.
King's College London
Personalized Nutrition for Metabolic Health

Date: January 30th
Speaker: Krystal Tsosie, Ph.D.
Arizona State University
Defining and achieving equity in precision and genomics health: An indigenous data sovereignty approach

Date: February 6th
Speaker: Sean Gibbons, Ph.D.
Metagenome-scale modeling enables precision nutrition

Date: February 13th 
Speaker: Arne Astrup, M.D., DMSc
Novo Nordisk Foundation
Precision dietary management of obesity and type 2 diabetes

Date: February 27th
Speaker: Lorraine Brennan, Ph.D.
University College of Dublin
Metabolomics: a powerful tool in human nutrition research

Date: March 6th
Speaker: Shingo Kajimura Ph.D.
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
The role of brown fat beyond thermogenesis: BCAA and metabolic health

Date: March 13th 
Speaker:  Sai Das, Ph.D.
USDA Human Nutrition Research Center at Tufts University
Dietary interventions for metabolic health and aging: The need for precision nutrition

Date: March 27th 
Speaker: Krista Varady, Ph.D.
University of Illinois Chicago
Health benefits of intermittent fasting

Date: April 3rd 
Speaker: Melinda L. Irwin, Ph.D., MPH
Yale University
Exercise, Nutrition and weight management in oncology care

Date: April 10th
Speaker: Perinur Bozaykut Eker, Ph.D.
Acibadem University
Harnessing Various Models and Tools for Aging Biology

Date: April 24th 
Speaker: Katherine Tucker, Ph.D.
University of Lowell
Diet and Health: Findings from the Boston Puerto Rican health study

Date: May 1st 
Speaker: Evan Rosen, Ph.D.
Professor, Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Adjunct Professor of Gerontology, University of San Francisco
Adventures in adipose tissue biology