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The Biostatistics and Data Management Unit core unit assists research teams with support for biostatistics, bioinformatics, data management and scientific computing.  The Biostatistics team works with investigators on study design and data analysis including statistical methods for nutrition studies in basic, animal, and human studies.  Special care is taken to address issues that arise specifically to nutrition studies such as robust adherence measures, selection of control groups, use of run-in groups in clinical trials, and appropriate comparison diets in animal studies.  The core unit provides support for integrative omics analyses, machine learning approaches (random forest and neural networks), genomic and metagenomics sequencing, and targeted and untargeted metabolomics analyses.  The core unit also supports implementation, monitoring and adherence to Data Management plans (adhering to NIH and USDA requirements) and assists investigators with electronic data capture (REDCap and LabArchives) for basic and clinical studies.  Grant and manuscript writing are supported by the core as well as registering clinical trials and submitting summary results information to per the Final Rule issued by the U.S. DHHS and the NIH.  This core unit provides support with the creation, maintenance, and archival of databases that meet all federal requirements.

We welcome partnering with HNRCA investigators on biostatistics and/or data management needs. See the HNRCA Biostatistics and Data Management Core Services table which lists the services available and indicates whether they are HNRCA-supported services (no cost recovery) or services provided through cost recovery.

Kathryn Barger, Ph.D.
Biostatistics Associate Director

Gregory Matuszek, M.S.
Bioinformatics Specialist

Gail Rogers, MA, Senior Statistician
Jifan Wang, MS, MPH,
Statistical Data Analyst
Ecaterina Duscova,
Data Analyst
Marcus Lehr, MS
, Data Analyst
Sierra Thorne, Administrative Coordinator
Jane McIntyre, Financial Administrator

Information on Requesting Services
To request Statistical services, contact Biostatistics Associate Director Dr. Kathryn Barger to schedule a meeting to review the proposed project, needed support, and the study timeline.

To request Bioinformatics and Data Management services, contact Bioinformatics Specialist Gregory Matuszek to schedule a meeting to review the proposed project, needed support, and the study timeline.

If services are Cost Recovery Services (see Core Services Table above), the Core Unit will develop the corresponding budget and request the funding source (if project already awarded) or potential sponsor (if project is being submitted for funding consideration).

The Core Unit develops the budget based on the investigator’s planned study activities. All official budgets must be developed by the Biostatistics and Data Management Unit. The Unit will only honor official budgets. Once the budget and timeline are finalized between the investigator and the Core Unit, and the funding source is provided, the work can then be planned to begin in the Unit.

If the investigator expands the scope of the project, a new budget is required.