Biostatistics Unit

The Biostatistics Unit consults and assists in study design, implementation, and analysis and develops new statistical techniques and software to support research activities. The Biostatistics Unit provides investigators with their own site-licensed copies of the current releases of standard statistical software packages including SAS, SPSS, and Systat. Scientists confer with a biostatistician in the early stages of a study to discuss project goals, available resources, accepted statistical practice, and the appropriate response variables and covariates for proper statistical analysis.

The biostatistician constructs plans for randomizing subjects for treatment and may serve as the randomization custodian for double-blind protocols.A biostatistician will either perform the formal statistical analyses, assist in the analyses, or train those investigators who wish to learn how to perform their own routine data analyses.

Kathryn Barger, Ph.D.
Senior Biostatistician

Gregory Matuszek
Data Analyst