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Zinc levels can be improved in nursing home patients with supplementation

This new research could have a significant impact on reducing the incidence of and morbidity from infection, which is a major public health problem in older adults.

Immune cells may be weakened by excess folic acid

New findings from researchers in  our  Vitamin Metabolism Laboratory shows high folic acid intake in aged mice causes a lowered immune response. (click the image for information on the study)

A dedicated research volunteer

Nia Bissanti  has volunteered for 67 studies over the past 30 years at the HNRCA.

Feed Your Stem Cells

From the Tufts Nutrition magazine: Is nutrition the future of brain health? Neuroscientist Dennis Steindler in our Neuroscience and Aging Lab says yes.

Monday Seminar Series

See the 2016 schedule of seminar speakers and videos of past speakers!