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Correlations between retinal and dental cells

Could dental pulp  be used to treat an age-related sight-stealing disease? Our Nutrition and Vision Lab has teamed up  with Tufts Dental School to find out.

Talk and Taste

Join us for the next Talk and Taste: The Herb. Watch a cooking demo (with tasting!),  learn about growing and the nutritional properties of several seasonal herbs.


Congratulations to Dr. Andy Greenberg ! He received the 2015 TOPS Research Achievement Award. This award recognizes an individual for singular achievement or contribution to research in the field of obesity.

Feed Your Stem Cells

From the Tufts Nutrition magazine: Is nutrition the future of brain health? Neuroscientist Dennis Steindler in our Neuroscience and Aging Lab says yes.

Daily sugar-sweetened beverage habit linked to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages daily  may increase the risk for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), according to a recent HNRCA study.

Combating Pneumonia with vitamin E

The Nutritional Immunology Lab recently published a paper in”The Journal of Immunology” showing that extra vitamin E protected older mice from a bacterial infection that commonly causes pneumonia.

Volunteers for research studies

We invite people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in exciting nutrition research studies being conducted here at the HNRCA. Learn more about being involved and our current studies…