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Small increases in physical activity, big impact

New HNRCA research published in PLOS ONE found that adding 48 minutes of moderate exercise per week helps overall physical functioning and decreases risk of immobility in older adults who are sedentary.

USDA Officials Hopeful on HNRCA Funding

Head of the Agricultural Research Service lauds nutrition science work done at Tufts during a visit.

Who measures all those nutrients in what we eat, anyway?

If you go into Whole Foods right now and find the bagged kale, they have the vitamin K content advertised right on the bag—and that came from here,” says Sarah Booth, Interim Center director and director of the center’s Vitamin K Laboratory.

A special lecture event

Join us for the annual Drs. Joan and Peter Cohn and Family Lecture  on Nutrition, Inflammation, and Chronic Disease
Distinguished speaker:
Richard Isaacson, M.D., Director, Alzheimer’s Prevention Clinic Weill Cornell Medical College/New York-Presbyterian Hospital
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Research study volunteers

We invite people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in exciting nutrition research studies being conducted here at the HNRCA. Learn more about being involved and our current studies.