Monday Seminar Series

The HNRCA Weekly Seminars are held during Fall and Spring semesters on Mondays in the HNRCA Mezzanine Auditorium at 12 noon. When available, links to the presentations are provided. Click here to access past seminars. Please share any suggestions for future speakers here.

Spring  2017 Monday Seminars:

David Ludwig, MD, Ph.D.
Professor of Pediatrics and Nutrition
Harvard Medical School
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Which Comes First: Overeating or Obesity?

Michael Lustgarten, Ph.D.
Scientist II
Nutrition, Exercise Physiology & Sarcopenia Lab, HNRCA
The Role of the Serum Metabolome and Gut Microbiome on Muscle Mass and Physical Function in Older Adults

2/6/2017 (CANCELLED)
Christopher V. Carman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Department of Medicine, Center for Vascular Biology Research
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Harvard Medical School
Reevaluating the Basis for Vascular Homeostasis and the Role of Reactive Oxygen Species

Frank Hu, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Nutrition
Professor of Nutrition and Epidemiology
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Dietary Fatty Acids and Cardiovascular Disease: Recent Debates and New Insights from Metabolomics Studies

Emily Oken, M.D.
Department of Nutrition
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
Influence of nutrition and other modifiable factors during pregnancy and early childhood on long-term maternal and child health
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Chad R. Borges, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
School of Molecular Sciences  (Formerly The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Honors Program Faculty
The Biodesign Institute – Center for Personalized Diagnostics
Arizona State University
Glycan Node Analysis: Targeted, Bottom-Up Glycomics for Detecting and Monitoring Cancer

Oliver Chen, Ph.D.
Scientist I and Interim Director, Antioxidant Laboratory, HNRCA
Dietary (Poly)phenolics: from Pharmacokinetics to Bioactivity

Marian Walhout, PhD
Co-Director, Program in Systems Biology
Professor, Program in Molecular Medicine
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Nutritional regulatory networks

Caroline Apovian , M.D., FACP, FACN
Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics
Boston University School of Medicine
Nutrition and Weight Management Center at Boston Medical Center
Relationships Between Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Metabolic Diseases

Deb Muoio, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Director of Basic Research
Departments of Medicine
Duke University Medical Center
Duke Molecular Physiology Institute and  Sarah W. Stedman Nutrition and Metabolism Center
Mitochondrial protein acylation and  muscle bioenergetics in health and  disease

5/8/2017 (HNRCA Pilot Projects)
Kyla Shea, Ph.D.
Scientist II, Vitamin K Lab
HNRCA at Tufts
The role of vitamin K in age-related knee osteoarthritis

Nirupa Matthan, Ph.D.
Scientist I, Cardiovascular Nutrition Lab
HNRCA at Tufts
Dietary Carbohydrate Type and CVD Risk Indicators