Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) at Tufts University
711 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111-1524
Tel: (617) 556-3000
Fax: (617) 556-3344

Interim Director
Sarah Booth, Ph.D.
Tel: (617) 556-3129
Fax: (617) 556-3295
Administrative Director
Mark Wesley
Tel: (617) 556-3391
Fax: (617) 556-3149
Budget Fiscal Officer II
Lily Yee
Tel: (617)-556-3308
Fax: (617)-556-3344
Human Resources
Cathy Carney, Senior HR Business Partner
Tel: (617) 627-3589
Communications Specialist
Deb Dutcher
Tel: (617) 556-3357
Industry Collaboration
Kit Manning
Associate Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations
Tel: 617.627.5263
Human Studies
Volunteer Services
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Tel: (800) 738-7555
Fax: (617) 556-3040
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Media: Tufts University Office of Public Relations
Journalists are invited to contact the Tufts University Health Sciences Public Relations staff to interview HNRCA experts on a variety of topics pertaining to nutrition, exercise, and nutrient requirements of older adults.

Siobhan Gallagher
Tel: (617) 636-6586

Anyone interested in videotaping or photographing on the Tufts University Health Sciences campus must make arrangements in advance with a member of the Tufts Health Sciences public relations team.