HNRCA Health & Safety Commitment

A clinician checking a pulse

At the HNRCA, we understand that safety is of the utmost concern to everyone and our goal is to provide and maintain the safest environment possible in order to continue our research study activities. We have implemented extra precautions for the health of our research study participants. Below are some of the enhanced measures our study participants should expect when they come in for a study visit:

1. Symptom Screening Procedures

Study participants are required to be screened for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure when entering the building. Anyone experiencing such symptoms is not allowed to continue into the building.

2. Mask Requirements at the HNRCA

Beginning, April 4, 2022, COVID-19 masking is voluntary in the HNRCA building and on the Tufts Biomedical Sciences campus.  While masks are optional, we continue to strongly recommend their use for study participants when completing study visits.  The requirement to wear a mask may change based on the Tufts University Boston campus or USDA requirements. If Tufts or the USDA changes its masking requirements due to increases in the transmission rates of COVID-19, we will notify you before or at your study visit and provide you with a mask at your study visit.