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The Monday Seminar Series is presented every Monday at noon during the academic year in the auditorium at 711 Washington Street, Boston, 02111.

Each week a prominent scientist presents their latest research focused on nutrition and aging. The Monday Seminar series, open to the public, is designed to bring together faculty and students from the Tufts Health Sciences campus with others in the greater Boston biomedical research community, including scientists, clinical researchers and nutrition practitioners.

When available, links to the presentations are provided. Please share any suggestions for future speakers here.

Spring 2019 Monday Seminars:

Jan. 28, 2019
Delayed Aging by Caloric Restriction

Rozalyn Anderson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor,
Aging and Caloric Restriction Program
School of Medicine and Public Health
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Feb 2, 2019
Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, and Dementia: Prediction and Prevention; Looking Back and Looking Forward
Ernst J. Schaefer, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer & Co-Founder, Boston Heart Diagnostics
Professor of Medicine and Nutrition, Tufts University

Feb. 11, 2019
How to die young at a very old age
Nir Barzilai, M.D.
Director, Institute for Aging Research,
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Director, Paul F. Glenn Center for the Biology of Human Aging Research and National Institutes of Health’s Nathan Shock Centers of Excellence in the Basic Biology of Aging

Feb. 25, 2019
The Need to Move Beyond A1C in African Descent Populations
Anne Sumner, M.D.
Senior Investigator
Section on Ethnicity and Health, Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Obesity Branch
National Institute Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Mar. 4, 2019- Cancelled due to weather
Loss of Muscle Strength as Precursor to Dismobility: a Reconsideration of the Sarcopenia Construct
Thomas Travison , Ph.D.
Director of Biostatistics
Co-Director, Interventional Studies in Aging Center
Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Mar. 11, 2019
Molecular Aspects of Fructose Metabolism and Disease

Mark Herman, M.D. 
Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism, and Nutrition, and the Department of Pharmacology and Cancer Biology
Duke University Medical Center

Mar. 25, 2019
Restructuring the microbiome with intermittent fasting to prevent diabetic retinopathy
Maria Grant, M.D.
Eivor and Alston Callahan, M.D., Endowed Chair in Ophthalmology and Professor
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Apr. 1, 2019
Dietary Regulation of Hepatic Metabolism
Douglas Mashek, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Biophysics
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of Minnesota Medical School

Apr. 8, 2019
Inflammation, insulin signaling and adipose tissue lipolysis in humans
Mike Jensen, M.D.
Thomas J. Watson, Jr. Professor in Honor of Dr. Robert L. Frye
Mayo College of Medicine
Director, Department of Medicine
Obesity Treatment Research Program
Mayo Clinic

Apr. 22, 2019
Dietary regulation of colon cancer
Omer Yilmaz, M.D., Ph.D.
Eisen and Chang Career Development Professor
Assistant Professor of Biology
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT

May 6, 2019
Brain Adipose Connections with Aging
Kristy Townsend, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Neurobiology
School of Biology and Ecology, and the Graduate School of Biomedical Science and Engineering
University of Maine