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HNRCA Collaborates Seminars provides a learning environment that encourages researchers to strengthen their presentation skills and experience the benefits of sharing information and receiving the collective feedback from colleagues.
Each seminar  consists of  two presentations – one led by a scientist and the other led by a post-doc or student. Time is reserved after each presentation for a lively Q&A session and active participation by all attendees.
Because preliminary data and early stage research will often be featured, these sessions will be primarily limited to the HNRCA community, principally Tufts and USDA-ARS researchers.

 2020  HNRCA Collaborates Seminars:

Feb. 6, 2-3 pm
Mezzanine Conference Room

Andrew Reeves, Ph.D., Postdoctoral fellow
Obesity Metabolism Team
ACSL4 in myeloid cells modulates PUFA metabolism and contributes to inflammation and insulin resistance in mice

Townsend Benard, Ph.D. candidate
Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Sarcopenia Team
The impact of miR-30c-5p and TNRC6A on anabolic stimulation in murine skeletal muscle