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Dietary Fiber Database

The Diet-Related Fibers & Human Health Outcomes Database was created by an expert team at the HNRCA led by Dr. Nicola McKeown.  It is helpful to anyone conducting an evidence review on dietary fiber and human health.  The database houses information on over 1,000 published manuscripts and provides data on study design, population, fiber intervention, comparators, and health outcomes examined.


Users of this database may download a detailed user manual which contains specific information about the database, inclusion/exclusion criteria, variables, best practices, and limitations.


The objectives of this database are to:

1. Systematically compile and provide access to primary, English language, peer reviewed science linking fiber intake in humans to one or more of 10 potential health benefits

2. Provide researchers with a tool to understand how different fibers are characterized in studies

3. Facilitate researchers in identifying gaps in the current research

4. Create a database to serve as a starting foundation of primary human literature for conducting evidence based reviews and meta analyses

5. Efficiently assist researchers in identifying fibers of interest

Access the database here.