Energy Metabolism Team

Partial view of a scale measuring kilograms


The mission of the Energy Metabolism Team is to explore determinants of energy regulation throughout adult life and contribute to reducing the obesity epidemic both in the United States and worldwide. Studies are conducted on both nutrition (factors influencing energy intake and expenditure) and eating behavior.  New interventions are being created to help individuals and groups manage their weight in ways that are easier and more sustainable.


  1. Develop and test new lifestyle interventions for easier and more sustainable weight management across the lifecycle.  Randomized controlled trials are ongoing in military families and worksites.
  2. Lead an International Obesity Consortium of scientists from nine countries (Brazil, China, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, India, Kuwait, Italy, Singapore, U.S.) and conduct studies to understand the diverse cultural and other barriers to successful weight control in different locations.  Once barriers are identified, the knowledge will be used to create interventions to be tested and refined.
  3. Conduct metabolic studies and clinical trials of dietary composition and meal timing to improve dietary recommendations for health, weight management and cognitive enhancement across the lifecycle.
  4. Continue to improve methodology for studying weight management, including the development of improved software for monitoring daily food intake.

Team Members

Sai Krupa Das, PhD
Senior Scientist
Research focus: Energy metabolism; calorie restriction and nutritional modulation of aging, obesity and body weight regulation in humans; body composition, dietary intake capture methodology.

Rachel Silver, Postdoctoral Associate
Madeline Nunes, Staff Assistant
Chris Pereira, Research Administrator II