2755: Effect of egg and egg substitute on cognition

Healthy men and women, ≥ 50 years

Major Exclusions
  • BMI <19 or >29 kg/m2
  • ≥ 50 years
  • Fish oil, omega 3 fatty acids, carotenoids or choline supplementation within the past 2 months
  • Extremely high dietary intake of carotenoids
  • Pregnancy or lactation
  • Fat malabsorption
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • Alcohol consumption of more than 2 drinks per day or 14 drinks per week
  • Smoking or use of nicotine patches or gum within the last 6 months
  • Diabetes
Length of Study 6 months # of Visits 9 (2 screening visits, 3 visits for study measures, 4 visits for food pick-up)
Residency None Study diet 2 eggs/day or approximately 4 oz egg substitute/day for 6 months
Payment $50 for screening, ($25 for each of two visits) $730 if you qualify and complete the study. Can I work? yes
  1. Length of study
    Total length of the study including resident stays and nonresident visits.
    This does not mean you will be testing the entire time.
  2. Residency
    The length of time volunteers are required to stay overnight at the HNRCA. Residents have their own private room, bathroom, television, VCR, and phone during their stay.
  3. Payment
    The amount of reimbursement for travel and inconvenience.
  4. Number of visits
    Total number of nonresident visits.
  5. Study diet
    Indicates meals which will be provided by the HNRCA
  6. Can I work?
    Indicates if you will be able to work and if so, when.

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