Select videos  featuring HNRCA scientists or research:
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Drs. Simin Meydani and Alice H Lichtenstein talk about the recently released Scientific Report from the  2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee. Dr. Lichtenstein of the Cardiovascular Nutrition Lab, was Vice-Chair of the committee.

The Antioxidants Lab at the HNRCA with Dr. Jeff Blumberg

Dr.s Simin Nikbin Meydani and Dennis Steindler discuss a recent impactful publication titled “Aging-induced type I interferon response at the choroid plexus negatively affects brain function

The Nutrition and Cancer Biology Lab at the HNRCA, with Dr. Xiang-Dong Wang

The Vitamins & Carcinogenesis Lab at the HNRCA with Dr. Joel B. Mason

The Cardiovascular Nutrition Lab at the HNRCA with Dr. Alice H. Lichtenstein

The Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, and Sarcopenia Lab with Dr. Roger A. Fielding