Functional Genomics Core

The Functional Genomics Core will provide expertise and support in functional genomics, genetic statistics, bioinformatics, and technical aspects for this line of nutrition-related research.

To provide guidance and support in securing extramural funding, assisting with study design, writing the functional genomics component into grants, helping to prepare samples, finding external sources to perform analyses, and assisting with interpretation of data.

The Functional Genomics Core Provides and Offers:

  • Study Design and Grant Writing Support
    • Provides expertise in study design and assistance with grant writing on applications proposing functional genomics research.
  • Statistics and Bioinformatics Support
    • Pre-Award: Provides assistance with sample size calculations and composing language for statistical services in grant applications proposing functional genomics research.
    • Post-Award: Performs analysis and interpretation of statistical output.
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
    • Provides analysis and interpretation of microarray data and complex bioinformatics.
    • Assists with coordination with Tufts mainframe to analyze larger data sets.
  • Resource Capacity
    • Assists with sample preparation, quality control, and running and managing the Functional Genomics Core equipment.
    • Researches and facilitates transport of samples to outside facilities for analysis with larger scale analyses.

Jose M. Ordovas, Ph.D.

Chair, Functional Genomics Core Scientific Advisory Committee
Senior Scientist and Director, Nutrition and Genomics Laboratory

Andrea Desaulniers, Budget and Administrative Assistant