Body Composition

The fundamental processes of aging are influenced by genetics, diet, nutrition and physical activity. This research program is developing body composition methods specifically designed to study the elderly. It is also testing a new approach to the monitoring of energy intake and obesity. Both objectives are based on simple, safe and inexpensive uses of stable isotopes. They employ, however, state of the art reference methods for their clinical validation.

Lab Objectives
1. Develop and validate mathematical models for carbon kinetics that simulate energy intake, energy regulation, and their relationship to body composition and fat stores.

2. Develop and validate practical field tools for the assessment and management of sarcopenia, dehydration, zinc status and frailty in institutionalized and community living elderly.

Joseph J. Kehayias, Ph.D., Laboratory Director
Scientist I and Associate Professor, Nutrition
Research focus: body composition and radioisotope kinetics

Sandra Maria Lima Ribeiro, Ph.D., Visiting Scientist
Erek Alper, B.S. , Research Assistant
Anna Rossinoff, M.S./R.D. , Candidate, Student
Kristin Fu, M.S. , Candidate, Student
Chi Cheng Ngo, Budget and Administrative Assistant

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