Research Clusters

As part of its first Strategic Plan, the HNRCA identified scientific priorities which tie directly to existing public health needs. To address these needs, the HNRCA established four Research Clusters in 2012.

Research Clusters are cross-organizational structures enabling collaborative research. The HNRCA Research Clusters address four strategic areas:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Inflammation, Immunity, and Infectious Disease
  • Obesity

Research Clusters bring together scientists from the HNRCA and Tufts University whose expertise are needed to make substantial advances in these areas.

The goals of the HNRCA Research Clusters are:

  • Conduct multi-disciplinary and translational science to make significant contributions to multifaceted public health challenges.
  • Create a collaborative team sustainable over multiple years.
  • Produce grant proposals, including program projects, Center grants, training grants, corporate partnerships, and foundation grants.
  • Contribute to the field through conference presentations, publications, mentoring junior researchers, and engaging with visiting scientists.

For more information about a particular Cluster, please contact: