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The obesity epidemic is the major public health crises of our time. The detrimental impact of excess weight is now seen in almost every country worldwide, and the effects are far reaching—including increased rates of chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, impaired cognitive performance, and in employees, high medical costs,  increased absenteeism and decreased productivity.

The International Obesity Consortium has been formed to conduct research to identify common and unique dietary and behavioral factors that contribute to obesity and related diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular disease in different countries. This information will be used to develop country-specific interventions for effective, sustainable weight loss and improved health.

Founding members of the International Obesity Consortium are from the USA, Brazil, China, Finland, India, Kuwait and Ghana. Obesity researchers from other countries are welcome to apply to join the consortium. Please contact Sai Das for more details about the consortium’s research and upcoming plans.

Please click here for the Concept Brief.