HNRCA Monday Seminar Series

The HNRCA Weekly Seminars are held during Fall and Spring semesters on Mondays in the HNRCA Mezzanine Auditorium at 12 noon followed by a student and post-doc luncheon or other reception as noted. Click here to access past seminars.
Please contact John Heine for further information. Please share any suggestions for future speakers here.

Spring 2014  Monday Seminars:

Jan. 27, 2014
Entrepreneurship Panel – Transforming scientific innovation into successful business ventures
Ramin Abrishamian, MS, Co-Founder and President of Artatech, Inc. and Benevolent Technologies for Health
Brent Reynolds, PhD
, Associate Professor , McKnight Brain Institute, University of Florida
Norman Gorin, MBA
,Chairman and CEO, Instinct Health Science, Inc.

Feb. 3, 2014
Caloric Restriction: Snapshots of the elephant in the living room
Michael Forster, PhD, University of North Texas Health Science Center  

Feb. 10, 2014
Will you still feed me when I’m sixty four?
Joseph M. Carlin, RD LND, FADA

Feb. 24, 2014
SPECIAL EVENT:  HNRCA Pilot Grants Lightening Talks
HNRCA Pilot Grant recipients speaking 10 minutes about their pilot studies
Angelo Azzi, M.D., Ph.D.: Inhibition by tocopheryl phosphate of lipid storage in adipocytes via modulation of gene transcription
Andrew Greenberg, M.D.: Role of ACSL5 in Triacyglycerol and Cholesterol Metabolism
Martin Obin, Ph.D.:  Fat10: An MHC Class I Essential For The Metabolic Response to Diet-Induced Obesity
Anna Pfalzer, (Graduate Student at the Friedman School): TNF-α mediates Wnt-signaling as a molecular mechanism for obesity-promoted colorectal cancer
Susan Roberts, Ph.D.: The Healthy Weight for Life Study
Hathairat Sawaengsri, (Graduate Student at the Friedman School): The adverse effects of excessive intake of folic acid

Mar. 3, 2014
Amino acids, genetics, and metabolic disease
Lu Qi, Harvard School of Public Health

Mar.10 , 2014
What is Metabolic Syndrome, and Why are Children Getting It?
Robert  Lustig, MD, University of California, San Francisco

Mar. 24, 2014
Maternal Diet-induced Offspring Obesity: Adipose Tissue Epigenetic Alterations
Kate Claycombe, PhD, Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center           

Mar. 31, 2014
(25 years of Research at the HRNCA)
Vitamin D:  Answers and Questions

Susan Harris,D.Sc., HNRCA Bone Metabolism Lab

April 7, 2014
SPECIAL EVENT:  HNRCA Scientific Research Clusters
Cardiovascular Disease
Inflammation, Immunity, and Infectious Disease

April. 14, 2014
(25 years of Research at the HNRCA)
A 25-Year Journey from Mathematical Modeling to Behavioral Interventions for Weight Control
Susan Roberts, PhD, HNRCA Energy Metabolism Lab

May 12, 2014
HNRCA Awards Ceremony