Monday Seminar Series

The HNRCA Weekly Seminars are held during Fall and Spring semesters on Mondays in the HNRCA Mezzanine Auditorium at 12 noon followed by a student and post-doc luncheon or other reception as noted. Click here to access past seminars.
Please share any suggestions for future speakers here.

Spring 2015  Monday Seminars:

Feb. 2, 2015
Talk: Biomarkers of Human Longevity

Stephen Kritchevsky, Director, Sticht Center on Aging, Wake Forrest University


Monday Feb. 9, 2015 (Check back for reschedule date due to weather- related closure)
Talk: Nutritional influences on human developmental epigenetics
Robert Waterland, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Molecular & Human Genetics, Baylor Children’s Human Nutrition Research Center

Feb. 23, 2015
Talk : Drugs That Forestall Aging – Extending Healthspan
Brian Kennedy, CEO and President, Buck Institute for Research on Aging

March 2, 2015
Talk: Of Nannies and Nudges: The Current Politics of Obesity in the U.S.
Rogan Kersh, Provost, Wake Forest University

Mar. 9, 2015
Talk: Stem Cells, Avatars and Phytotherapeutics For Aging and Neurological Disease
Dennis Steindler, Ph.D., Senior Scientist and Director, Neuroscience and Aging Laboratory at the HNRCA

Mar.23, 2015
Talk: Relationship of inflammatory biomarkers to human disease, and the modulation of chronic inflammation using nutrition
Philip Calder, Professor of Nutritional Immunology , University of Southampton

Apr.6,  2015
HNRCA Pilot Grant Lightening Talks
Jimmy Crott, PhDCharacterization of the inflammatory phenotype in IL10-/- mice and its modulation by vitamin B6
Xueyan Fu, PhDVitamin K modulates the lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced expression of inflammatory cytokines through the inactivation of nuclear factor kappa beta (NF-κB)
Donato Rivas, PhDThe effects of de novo ceramide inhibition on age-associated skeletal muscle loss
Xiang-Dong Wang, MD, PhDTomato and alcoholic liver disease

Apr. 13, 2015
HNRCA Pilot Grant Lightening Talks
Bess Dawson-Hughes, MDA Pilot Study of the Effect of Dietary Fat Type and Amount on Vitamin D3 Absorption
Mohsen Meydani, DVM, PhDThe effect of curcumin with and without piperine supplementation on body weight loss in obese mice
Sheldon Rowan, PhDEstablishing a model for mechanistically relating dietary glycemic index, proteolysis and AMD in vivo
Xiang-Dong Wang, MD, PhDPreventative effect of dietary components against lung carcinogenesis

May 4, 2015
Talk: Age associated differences in the expression of CD80 and CD86 on primary human dendritic cells
Alexander Panda, MD, PhD, MPH, Beeson Scholar, Scientist II, Nutritional Immunology Laboratory at the HNRCA