2013 Seminars

The theme of the HNRCA 2013 Spring Seminar Series was Collaborations on Healthy Aging at Tufts (CHAT), the overarching goal of which was to explore new/novel ways of collaborating on this topic across the university’s varied schools and institutions. Click on the link when available for a video of the seminar.

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Jan. 28
Richard Dupee
Tufts Medical Center
Clinical Geriatrics – All is not what it seems…

Jan. 14
Alexander Panda
Yale University Medical School
Age Associated Alterations in Toll-like Receptor Function of Human Dendritic Cells

Feb. 4
Robin Kanarek
Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
Creatine and brain and behavior, the real story…

Feb. 11
Mark Sarnak
Tufts Medical Center
Aging and changes in kidney function

Feb. 25
Rob Jacob
Tufts University School of Engineering
New directions in HCI, adaptive user interfaces, and brain-computer interaction

March 4
Gizem Donmez
Tufts University Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences
The mechanisms of brain aging and neurodegeneration

March 11
Joel Mason
HNRCA at Tufts University
Top Ten Ways to Productively Navigate Through 25 Years of Nutrition and Cancer Research

March 25
Rakhi Kohli
Tufts Medical Center
HIV and insulin resistance

April 1
Tracey Chippendale
School of Arts and Sciences, Tufts
Non-pharmacological interventions for depressive symptoms among elders

April 29
Jonathan Garlick
Tufts Dental School
Induced pluripotent stem cell biology and tissue engineering

May 6
Bernard Rabin
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Nutritional impact on the aging brain: accelerated aging produced by exposure to space radiation

May 13
HNRCA Awards

The theme of the HNRCA 2013 Fall Seminar Series was Nutrition and Genomics with the overarching goal of which is to explore new/novel ways of collaborating on this topic.

Sept. 23

Martin Obin, PhD
JM Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University
Differential effects of probiotic strains on gut microbiota and features of metabolic syndrome: lessons from mouse models

Sept. 30
Hannia Campos, PhD, MS
Harvard School of Public Health
Worldwide omega-3 insufficiency: Fertile ground for a potential effect of FADS2 polymorphisms on CVD

Oct. 7-NOTE: This seminar was cancelled due to the Federal government shutdown. Please check back for a rescheduled date.
Lu Qi, MD, PhD
Harvard School of Public Health
Genetics of response to diet

Oct. 21
Carlos Fernández Hernando, Ph.D.
Yale University School of Medicine
MicroRNA regulation of lipid metabolism

Oct. 28
Toshiko Tanaka, PhD
National Institutes of Health
Common genetic variants of nutrient status: Discoveries from genome-wide association studies

Nov. 4
Alan Shuldiner, MD
University of Maryland School of Medicine and Clinical & Translational Research Institute
Plain People, Complex Genetics: Implications for Human Health and Disease for All

Nov. 18
Aldons Lusis, PhD
University of California, Los Angeles School of Medicine
Systems genetics approach to complex metabolic and cardiovascular disorders

Nov. 25
Ahmed El-Sohemy, PhD
University of Toronto – Department of Nutrition Science
Disclosure of genetic information and personalized nutrition

Dec. 2
Michael Muller, PhD
Wageningen University
From Nutrigenomics to Systems Nutrition: Elucidating the role of nutrition in metabolic plasticity and health