Elizabeth J. Johnson, Ph.D.

Scientist I
Antioxidants Laboratory
Phone: (617) 556-3204
Fax: (617) 556-3344
E-mail: elizabeth.johnson@tufts.edu




Ph.D., Nutritional Sciences, University of Wisconsin at Madison
M.S., Nutritional Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison,

Research Focus
Absorption and metabolism of phytonutrients and their relationships with body composition, cognitive performance, and age-related eye disease prevention

Academic Appointments
Associate Professor, Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University

Select Professional Affiliations
American College of Nutrition, fellow
Carotenoid & Retinoid Interactive Group, vice chair
Journal of Nutrition for the Elderly, editorial board
Food Reviews International, associate editor
Avocado Nutrition Science Advisors Group, member
International Carotenoid Society, treasurer

Selected Publications
Boff, JC, Johnson EJ, Kennedy AD, Lai C, Kuchan MJ. Exploratory metabolomic analyses reveal compounds correlated with lutein concentration in frontal cortex, hippocampus, and occipital cortex of human infant brain. PLOS ONE (accepted)

Vishwanathan R, Schalch W, Johnson EJ. Macular pigment carotenoids in the retina and occipital cortex are related in humans. Nutritional Neuroscience (published online Feb 2015) http://dx.doi.org/10.1179/1476830514Y.0000000141

Vishwanathan R, Kuchan MJ, Sen S, Johnson EJ. Lutein is the predominate carotenoid in infant brain: Pre-term infants have decreased concentration of brain carotenoids. J of Ped Gastro & Nutrition 59(5) 659-65. PMID: 2461400 (2014)

Vishwanathan R, Iannaccone A, Scott TM, Kritchevsky SB, Jennings BJ, Carboni G, Forma G, Satterfield S, Harris T, Johnson KC, Schalch W, Renzi LM, Rosano C, Johnson EJ. Macular pigment optical density is related to cognitive function in the elderly Age & Ageing, 43:271-5 (2013).

Johnson EJ, Vishwanathan R, Johnson MA, Hausman DB, Adam Davey, Scott TM, Green RC, Miller LS, Gearing M, Woodard J, Nelson PT, Chung HY, Schalch W, Wittwer J, Poon. LW Relationship between serum and brain carotenoids, -tocopherol and retinol concentrations and cognitive performance in the oldest old from the Georgia Centenarian Study. Journal of Aging Research. Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 951786

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