The HNRCA initiated the Fit-4-Life program in 2007 with the overarching goal of reducing the significant and prevalent burden of age-associated chronic disease and to provide concrete support for healthier aging among seniors. The two-part program offers those involved a Fit-4-Life-certified exercise trainer who supervises aerobic and mobility exercises and a nutritionist who provides individual dietary screenings, assessments and support.

The Fit-4-Life Program currently runs at:
Kit Clark Senior Services, Dorchester, MA (with funding from the Tufts Health Plan Foundation)
Holland Street Center in Somerville, MA
VNA Assisted Living Facility, Alewife Brook Parkway, Somerville, MA

Fit-4-Life press and feedback:

The Boston Globe, May  2014

The Somerville Journal, February, 2014
“I would like to thank the Council on Aging and Fit-4-Life on Holland Street for making a big difference in my mother’s life. I see such an improvement in her health and well-being since she joined Fit-4-Life. She goes on many trips with the COA day and weekly trips. She was going through a big transition in her life and since she joined she is much happier and healthier. So I want to thank the Council on Aging and Fit-4-Life They are wonderful organizations and I hope that other people 55 years old and older will take advantage of the great programs they offer there.”

The Somerville Times, Dec. 2012

For more information on the program, see here or  contact  Kieran Reid, Research Program Manager for the Nutrition, Exercise, Physiology & Sarcopenia Lab or